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Your First Year Experience

With only a few exceptions, most of the new clients who come to our firm have never previously worked with a true financial advisor. That is, they have never paid a fee for specific advice and direction. What we do here is distinct from brokers, bankers, and others who wear the moniker “financial advisor.” Because of that, we put together a short whiteboard video outlining what to expect from your experience during the first year as a client with our firm.

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I think you will find that this video easily explains how our process improves your circumstances. The core of our work with clients is built around creating a goals based plan so that clients can ignore the distractions of the market. The path we follow to develop this plan has three steps:

  1. We assess where you are today in relation to your long term goals.
  2. We advise you on specific actions needed to close the gap
  3. We direct your resources so that they are properly aligned with your goals.

We hope that you will enjoy this brief whiteboard video. Please let us know what you think.

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One response to “Your First Year Experience”

  1. Liz Cantey says:

    James, The video is excellent, short, concise and to the point!

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