Urgency and Advice

A large percentage of the individuals who contact us say they need “advice”. What this usually means is that they want a resolution to an urgent problem. The situation is urgent because often it has been ignored and the opportunity for a “painless” remedy has long since passed. They now are faced with difficult choices that they want to avoid if possible. They hope we can provide a quick fix.

Urgency and financial planning don’t go together. There are no emergencies in financial planning. Trying to provide advice that is unconnected to a rational and realistic long-term plan is of little value. That’s why we generally don’t provide episodic advice.


We strongly believe that it is much more valuable to get it right, rather than just get something done. When long-term planning goals are connected to short-term actions, magic can happen. The type of advice we provide within this setting might be called counsel. In this way,  we can render a technical focus but with a strategic overlay. The overarching objective as a counselor is to deliver the right advice, at the right time, and in a way that it will be acted upon.

We fully recognize the important role that our counsel can have on future plans, and we accept the responsibility implied by this trust seriously. Our entire focus is on helping clients make progress towards real goals with a consistent, proven strategy. While many others respond to noise and “news”, we counsel a different way. To wit, by accessing long-term investment performance with exposure to different asset classes, in different markets through a well-diversified, efficiently managed portfolio. Since markets are always full of uncertainties, efficiently managed funds, utilizing the long-term market evidence, can help overcome those uncertainties.


Because of the importance of avoiding behavioral mistakes, perhaps our most crucial role is that of a coach. Our aim in coaching is to provide confidence to make good choices and steer clear of dangerous paths. Moreover, as a coach, we nudge clients to take action steps towards their highest priority long-term goals. Specific action is often the missing link between good intentions and good outcomes.

Ready to “connect the dots” between your investments and your financial goals? Ready for a real conversation?

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