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Are We a Fit?

Our focus is partnering with individuals in their peak accumulation years, typically late 40’s – early 60’s. We are most successful with individuals that believe mostly as we do: that planning, guidance, and management are crucial for sustainable financial success.

Investing is About Behavior and Choices

  • 100% Fee-Only. Client advocate. No hidden agendas or conflicts.
  • Financial planning focused. Your priorities and desired outcomes determine the path.
  • Rigorous, integrated investment philosophy based on market evidence.
  • Behavioral guidance.
  • Unbridled honesty and no-judgment advice.
  • Deeply experienced perspective working with successful individuals for over 30 years.

This is where we stand. Are we a fit? For us to have a successful advisory relationship, you need to want advice. While our approach can be for anyone, it clearly is not for everyone.

We believe in the value of continuous financial planning and behavioral guidance. We help clients create a path for the future and stick to their plan. We help clients filter out meaningless market noise.

Ready for a real conversation?

Our Fees

Clients alone are the arbiters of our value. If becoming well prepared for retirement is important to you, our fees should prove reasonable. If only fees matter, you can find firms with lower fees. A significant number of our clients have been with us for 15 years or more. That is the ultimate answer to the fees versus value question.

Financial Planning and Behavioral Guidance

We believe in financial planning first. Priorities and desired outcomes provide the framework for investing. We also believe that financial planning is a continuous process. The need for behavioral guidance is ongoing.

For investment assets greater than $1 Million the annual fee is $3,400. The combined annual minimum fee for (planning, guidance and investment advice) is $12,000.

Investment Advisory Fees

Annual investment advisory fee schedule
for assets under management is as follows:
As an example:
For $3,000,000 under management,
the annual fee calculation would be:
Investment Assets up to $2 Million 0.90% First $2,000,000 x 0.009 $18,000
Investment Assets up to $4 Million 0.60% Next $1,000,000 x 0.006 $6,000
Investment Assets up to $10 Million 0.40% Total Investment Advisory Fee $24,000
Fees as a percentage of assets 0.80%

Assets Under $1 Million

For a limited group of young professionals who are committed to long-term financial success we offer a lower minimum fee structure.  Annually, the investment advisory fee up to $1 Million is 1.0%, financial planning fee of $2,000, and a combined minimum fee of $6,000, per year.

Virtual Planning

For those interested in limited investment management and guidance we also offer SecurePath. For more information please visit SecurePath.