Why do you value some things and not value others?

Why do you spend time on some things and not on others?

In times like this it might be good to reflect on your why.

Recent statistics show a dramatic shift in how people are spending their time during the shutdown. Overall social media time is up by more than 30% and Netflix is garnering a 42% increase in viewership time.

We all have heard the verse from Matthew: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” How you spend your money, your treasure, tells a lot about your why.

Does your why align with what you are trying to accomplish? Are the things you say that you value really the things that matter most or does your treasure tell a different story?

Connect your mouth, what you say, with movement, what you do. Goals are great but the tendency is to create a “goals hole” where you drop all sorts of good sounding things that really don’t connect to what you value.

Goals change when surprises or uncertainty enter the picture; your why should remain the same.

We are here if you want to talk. Stay well!

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