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What’s Your Story?

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Each of us has a unique life story. Where we come from, where we went to school, where we have worked. These stories provide context for the yet unwritten part of our journey: what will happen in the future.

As a fiduciary financial advisor, a large part of our role in working with successful individuals is to help them sketch out the next phase of their life.

It’s Not Just About the Numbers

Math is easy, life is hard. Achieving financial goals is about much more than numbers.

Sure, numbers tell how well, or how poorly, prepared you are for the future. But that is just the start. Whether your life turns into a drama, comedy, or tragedy depends upon your ability to connect the math with actions that move you towards your desired outcomes.

The Market Can’t Make-Up for Mistakes

Through over 30 years working with successful people, I have noticed an interesting characteristic in those who realize that the math doesn’t support their goals. These people tend to place the most emphasis on the numbers. They are usually seeking to “optimize and maximize” investment returns in hopes that this will make up for a host of real-life financial mistakes.

We have seen clients say that they “need” a certain return in order to make their financial math work. Unfortunately, markets don’t work that way. The universe doesn’t reorder itself just because you haven’t prepared for your financial future.

Focus on the Future

You can’t rewrite your history, your life story. You can do something to change your future.

Changing your story and future is an almost impossible task without truly objective advice along the way. We specialize in providing high-income individuals “unbridled honesty” as they approach important financial choices.

How do you want your life story to unfold? Ready for a real conversation?

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