What’s the value of our advice? Does the value justify the fees? While the exact value varies with each client’s circumstances, there are some common elements of the value equation that apply to everyone.

It starts with objectivity or as some clients say, dispassionate discipline; this underscores everything we do. We are your ally and advocate.

Recognizing reality is the next aspect of our planning process. This entails understanding uncertainty and the absolute need to adjust and re-assess along the way.

Of course, everyone wants good long-term investment returns and we stress to clients from the outset that behavior, how well you stay with your plan or how you react, matters more than anything else in terms of returns.

Behavioral guidance is, over time, the most important part of our advice. Brokers, bankers, and insurance “wealth advisors” can’t help you change behavior because they are too focused on selling stuff.

Financial planning is most valuable when it functions as a catalyst for change. Change only happens through action. Our process is oriented to help clients take small action steps in the direction of their most important goals.

Objectivity; Reality; Behavior; Action; and Change. This process is rare and equally valuable. We are here if you want to talk. Please stay safe.

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