One of our clients, years ago, said that among the most valuable things that we did for him was to provide “radical candor.” Those are strong words and perhaps the reason candor is “radical” is that it is rare in the realm of financial services.

We recently put together a page describing briefly the six major components of our work with clients. We purposely focused on the primary drivers where we add the most value.

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“Radical Candor” is among these and is directly tied to our role as a fiduciary advisor. Many of you have heard us describe the important distinction between a “customer” and a “client.” We only have clients, while most “advisors,” who focus on selling products, only have customers. We focus on real life goals and not product “solutions.”

“Radical candor,” however, is much more than just being truthful with clients. It is helping clients understand some of the issues that they will be dealing with during different stages of their financial lives. As the adage goes, “What you don’t know, and what you don’t know you don’t know”.

“Radical candor” means that our role is not to just validate sometimes-destructive ideas and biases. Rather, we are charged with presenting evidence and how to develop a plausible path to reach your highest priority goals. Let’s get started. Ready for a real conversation?

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