Ever wonder why your financial life is such a hodgepodge? While this term has several meanings, in this context, “ a confused mixture” might fit best. If you are like many of folks that we see, your financial life may indeed be “ a confused mixture”. But that isn’t the real issue. The question is why? How did your financial life get this way?

My working hypothesis, based on hundreds of client interactions over more than three decades, is that much of the hodgepodge problem can be traced directly to the way that investments and financial planning are “sold”. That is, Wall Street brokers, banks and the plethora of “financial consultants” make their money selling investment products. Everything else is pretense. Their financial planning services often are little more than thinly disguised efforts to further the primary mission…to sell investment products.

 To break free of this investment-centric world, you first need to be willing to engage, (and pay directly), a fiduciary advisor, (like our firm), instead of paying indirectly through hidden sales commissions and other expenses. Moving away from the hodgepodge approach also requires a new mindset, one that is focused on goals, not investments. Financial lives can be complex and defy the “product solutions” pitched by Wall Street.

What could your financial life look like if all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place? What if your savings and investing had a purpose? Are you doing what you need to do, or what you want to do? Ready for a real conversation?

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