The horrific events in Paris one week ago are an eerie reminder of the terror attacks 14 years ago here at home. 9/11 happened prior to Twitter and other real-time networks. That day, we learned about events through word of mouth and media reports. Last week, the description of the events came at us with the full speed of 21st century technology.

At times like this, it is instructive to look at prior events to determine how financial markets react. For the main, markets are forward looking and generally don’t panic, even though many individual investors do just that. The first day that markets were open after the assassination of JFK in 1963, the market rose by over 4%. For that year, despite the terrible emotional wounds, stocks were up double digits.

Since 9/11 there has been an increasing resiliency in the global markets to external shocks. There is no way to totally plan for unknown events that await in the future, but the broad markets seem to be sending a clear message to investors. Moving towards wealth wellness, where you have a range of possibilities, requires that you are able to look beyond today. Investing requires faith in the future.

The graph below depicts a wide range of global events over the past 45 years and how the markets reacted.

We know that the process of building wealth and progressing along The Wealth Continuum™ is not linear. There will inevitably be setbacks. All the while, however, you have to stay focused on the importance of having wealth possibilities instead of just probabilities. Ready for a real conversation?

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