When you put your feet on the floor each morning, your journey for the new day begins. What is your motivation for getting out of bed? The answer to this depends largely on your stage of life and dozens of other factors. Some people have jobs; some have family responsibilities; others have interior motivations. The reasons vary widely, of course, but everyone has something that drives them to not only wake up, but then get out of bed.

What Keeps You Up?

What about the other end of the day? Is something keeping you awake at night? What worries you most? Numerous studies point to money and health as being the two topics at the top of the worry list.

Our three decades of experience have shown us that the way you perceive yourself, and the world around you, is a critical factor in determining success at accomplishing financial goals. Attitude and temperament are also of tremendous importance.

All of this is traced directly to your aspirations, motivations and fears. High income earners are usually happy to talk about things they want to happen, but far less open in discussing anxieties and outright fears. However, just failing to acknowledge fears won’t actually make them disappear. They just fester and reappear in another form.

Motivation is More Important than Your Investments

Take note. In the roughly 200 words above, I have not mentioned “investments” or “returns” even once. This is purposeful.

Achieving financial success is not just about investment performance. Money is something that has a different meaning to everyone. Stripping out all other factors to focus on how well or poorly a set of investments have fared over some period is utterly meaningless and something outside your control.

Your reason for investing…your reason for getting out of bed each day, has a much broader purpose. Helping you focus on that purpose is what we do.

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