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5 Things Keeping You from a Secure Retirement

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Who Do You Trust for Financial Advice?


Relying on Wall Street Firms


Financial Market History or Current Headlines?


Working with an Advisor Can Be Better than Expected


Let’s Talk About Trust


Tastes Great, Less Filling


The Two Best Ideas of the Past Half Century


What Exactly does a Financial Advisor do?


How to make a plan to invest in the Stock Market


Is the Role of a Fiduciary Financial Advisor to be a Market Forecaster?


Don’t Make Important Investment Decisions When You’re Stressed


Survivorship Bias


What Matters Most In Financial Life Management?


Can’t You Just Do It Yourself


How Can I Win the Financial Life Battle


Investors Sometimes Act Like Gamblers-Even The Professionals


The Case Against Active Management


Fast Forward


Bad Luck Scenario


Total Economic Wealth


Your First Year Experience


Got a Minute? Market Corrections


Got a Minute? Financial Speed


Is Your House an Investment?


What is Your Financial DNA?


Investing on Purpose


James E. Wilson, CFP


Investment Costs Matter


Accomplish, Fix, Avoid


Wealth Rx Event




Defining Risk


What Now?


Achieving Long Term Financial Planning Outcomes