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The Value of Silence

Silence is a rapidly disappearing aspect of our modern lives. Silence and solitude have a place (as Ecclesiastes tells us), and we have to be careful not to allow random noise to interrupt our intentions. It occurred to me recently while attending a U.S.C. football game that apparently, there is a desire is to fill every moment with sound of some sort. Sporting events are loud, of course, but all of us require moments of silence to process choices and decisions in our lives.

Silence Creates Space for Focus

In the financial context, silence is as difficult to find as it is at a football game. Every minute of every day, countless “journalists” blabber about what might or might not occur that day. Mostly this is harmless except when the sheer breadth of the noise causes us to question our long-term plans in the midst of the noise.

There is a certain timeless wisdom to silence as it creates space in our lives so we have the ability to think beyond the shallow, surface level. Many of the interactions we have with clients in meetings contain at least some reference to the media noise of the day. This runs counter to our desire to deepen client communication by looking carefully at motivations for decisions and the framework of longer-term financial goals.

Silent Reflection

When I was in high school, I had a morning newspaper route. Every morning at 4:30 a.m., I picked up my papers in the parking lot of a nearby church and proceeded to deliver the papers. I quickly learned to appreciate the stillness and silence of the early mornings. I still rise early and love this time of day to think and pray.

One of the intangibles that we bring to our advisory relationships is the ability to filter out the noise. By doing this, we provide you time and space so that you can properly focus on what matters most to you. Ready for a real conversation?

One response to “The Value of Silence”

  1. Bill Bowen says:

    I too appreciate the moments of silence (though they are few in each day) and cherish them when they occur.

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