I bring good news. To achieve wealth wellness, two core traits are needed, and both are within your control. In fact, these traits have very little to do with saving, spending, or investing. You don’t have to outsmart the market or spend countless hours worrying about your financial life. The two traits are mindset and modesty.

Wealth wellness is all about increasing your options at important junctures. A wealth mindset is an attitude, a disposition towards achieving and maintaining good financial health. This mindset guides you when situations arise that are difficult or challenging. Your mindset towards wealth encompasses a whole series of beliefs about money and happiness. These beliefs underpin your choices and decisions each day.

The key role that a healthy mindset plays in your financial life may not be totally surprising, but I suspect the importance of modesty may be. The context of modesty in this setting is to appreciate and understand the impact of others within the financial markets. We work with a number of very smart individuals but even so, it is a mistake to think that anyone can outsmart the markets.

Some of you have seen this brief video “Power of the Markets” which quickly describes how millions of participants make up the global markets each day. You need to be modest in estimating your ability to control market outcomes.

The payoff for adopting these two traits in your financial life is less worry and more time to spend on the really important things in your life. You have choices in your life. Wealth wellness is…more than numbers. Ready for a real conversation?


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