Recall the line from Love Story “Love means never having to say you’re sorry?” The line was so important that it was used at different times in the film by both of the lead characters. With the typical stock picking, market timing investment strategy used by Wall Street brokers, much of the time the broker is having to apologize for poor investment outcomes. Despite the legion of analysts trying to find good investment ideas, their approach is fatally flawed and rarely succeeds (except for the broker of course.)

A much more consistent strategy is to embrace the capital market, combine this with discipline, (behavioral coaching), to obtain better long-term results. Ultimately, in order to achieve expected returns from the market, (and accomplish what’s most important), you need to adopt an approach that runs directly counter to that of Wall Street brokers. As I said in another recent post, you must leave errant beliefs behind in order to achieve your most important goals. It’s fairly simple, but definitely not easy (at least the behavioral part.)

The hardest part is breaking loose of the status quo. Overcoming the drag of how you have invested in the past can be very difficult but is necessary in order to align your current goals with future reality. Creating a “never having to say you’re sorry” investment plan means taking advantage of global diversification, tax efficiencies and cost efficiencies.

One reason that breaking through inertia is difficult is that our brains are not well equipped for that task. Author David Allen (Getting Things Done), recently wrote in his Productive Living Newsletter, “The problem is, much of the pressure I witness going on for people is their mind trying to do things that it doesn’t do very well.”

Instead of trying to trade the markets, trade on your belief in the markets. That way, you won’t have to “say you’re sorry.” Ready for a real conversation?

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