Are You Investing In Your Relationship?

We believe that financial planning can be for anybody, but not everyone is well suited for an advisory relationship with an independent, fiduciary firm. Over time, we have identified five specific elements that are needed for a successful advisory relationship with us.

Staying The Course

1. Most of our clients are learners. These individuals also tend to embrace change. We follow an educational approach versus a sales approach. In a recent survey from Dimensional that many of you participated in, our firm scored materially higher, (15% higher to be exact), than the broad survey average for teaching the importance of methodology and evidence in setting investment policy.

2. Our clients understand that financial planning is an active, lifelong process. An investment portfolio is not a substitute for a financial plan. Rather, the financial planning process helps connect the portfolio to specific planning goals (your “why”).

3. Our clients have strong desire to gain freedom from the stress of watching mostly meaningless financial “news” and reacting to short-term market events. We adhere to a time-tested, evidence-based investment philosophy. We focus on the long term, thereby increasing the odds of success.

4. Our clients understand that wealth wellness comes from focusing on what can be controlled: what you spend; what you save; your time horizon; and your overall allocation to stocks/bonds.

5. Our clients recognize that it is nearly impossible to manage the variety of behavioral biases without ongoing coaching and guidance. Particularly for those in their peak earning/savings years, (what we call the “Run-Up” stage), behavioral mistakes can derail planning progress. The most critical behavior is to make each and every financial decision within the context of your long-term financial planning goals.

The Importance Of a Broad Focus

These five important elements are wrapped within our intentional emphasis on broad themes over minutiae. Our three decades of experience has taught us the importance of not being distracted from the most compelling longer term goals. What do you need to change? Ready for a real conversation?

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