I was at a dinner party recently and after the meal, the dinner table conversation turned to movies. We all went around the table and named a couple of our favorite movies. What attracts us to certain movies? Well, we identify at some level with the story that the particular movie tells. We like the way the characters weave the theme or lesson of the picture. Movies as diverse as Casablanca to The Godfather tell stories that command our attention.

Stories are also comfortable ways for us to learn new things and broaden our horizons. Many of the teachings in The Bible, for instance, are revealed as stories. In our work, we often use stories as a way to connect something that may be familiar to something that is new.

Most good movies don’t move the storyline along in a linear fashion. Our financial lives behave in the same way…wealth is usually not linear. The chart below as well as the picture in the caption (from our new purple conference room glassboard) reflects this truth.

The chart depicts the ups and downs along the path towards wealth wellness. The picture details the probabilities of up or down markets over increasing timeframes, from one day to 20 years.

What one activity, one area of focus would have the most impact on your financial life story? Ready for a real conversation?

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