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Stop Guessing, Start Investing

Perhaps the largest single step one can take towards becoming a successful investor is to stop guessing and start investing. That is, cast aside the burden of trying to control the markets and instead let the markets work for you.

Some of you who have been to the office over the past couple weeks have seen our jelly bean jar. We have asked everyone to write down their guess for the number of jellybeans in the jar. Thus far, there is a range of about 600% from the lowest guess to the highest. The average, however, is very close to the actual number. We will continue the experiment until Halloween, and then detail the results.

The “Zigs and Zags”

The point of the experiment is to help us understanding that stock prices, determined by large numbers of investors in the market, are usually more reliable than our individual guesses. None of us have any control over what will happen next in the market. However, we do have control over how we react when the “zigs and zags” occur.

Two of the key characteristics of conventional or speculative investing (what brokers and others push) are market predictions and tapping into emotions. This combination creates a dangerous formula but many investors still follow this path. If you remove the predictions and un-plug emotions, a different, more powerful way to invest appears. Tapping into the power of the markets and relying on more than 80 years of market history creates a responsible path to prosperity. Ready for a real conversation?

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