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Shallow or Deep?

In our always connected world today, complete with text messages, e-mails, and other compressed forms of communication, real conversations often are lacking. For the main, most of the short-form communication tools impart only a surface level or “shallow” type response. In our work with clients, we try to dig deeper and create deep engagements. We uncover the real motivations that lead towards real life and real personal, long-term goals.

Deep Engagements Create Strong Foundations

Deeper engagements are more difficult but are needed. They create stronger foundations that can withstand the inevitable short-term challenges. Building and sustaining that foundation is the payoff for these deeper conversations. Uncovering the core reasons for specific goals comes into play when “things change”. It is easy for clients to say, “I want a comfortable retirement” or “I want less financial stress,” but the motivation behind these statements is really what is key.

Many successful individuals have never really examined their aspirations beyond the shallow level. Through a deeper conversation, we uncover the the choices and trade-offs required for unachieved aspirations. Sometimes this alters the clients’ goals.  This tells us that they weren’t really personal goals in the first instance. Rather, they were a reflection of generalized objectives that merely sounded appropriate. These shallow goals are easily washed away by the winds of change and usually don’t persist.

One of the significant, yet unquantifiable values that we bring to our client relationships is a willingness to “dig deeper.” Ready for a real conversation?

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