Like many of you, I have changed my daily routines over the past few weeks. One of the positive changes has been more focused time alone with my wife, Cathy. We have enjoyed our regular walks around the neighborhood and even our joint house and yard cleaning projects.

It’s amazing how this focus on listening and caring minimizes most problems that previously seemed much larger.

Of course, there are activities that I miss like participating in wine tastings or dinner parties with friends. Cathy and I have come to appreciate, however, the virtual wine tastings via Zoom that we have done recently. Creativity and ingenuity abound!

After all of this is behind us I look forward to catching up with friends…in person; going to church…in person; seeing our children…in person; and having dinner inside at a nice restaurant.

Faith, family, and friends. Times like this certainly bring us all back to our roots.

We will soon be on the other side. We are here if you want to talk. Stay well!

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