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…More Than Numbers

Life is about more than just finances; it is about our values and people we love. Life is…more than numbers. This phrase embodies our approach to financial life management and represents a sharp departure from the myriad of entities that emphasize “wealth management”.

When you are sitting on the beach or watching a sunset, what do you think about? Hopefully, you aren’t thinking about money at all. You are likely envisioning your ideal life …places to visit, people to see, those people that matter most to you.

This juxtaposition between your ideal life and where you are today is what we sometimes refer to as “The Gap”. In a very real sense, our role is helping clients manage their aspirations such that their ideal life is possible. You provide the raw materials, the vision and we provide the framework.

So, what keeps many of us from our ideal life? Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear that we won’t be successful, fear that our life really won’t be ideal after all. We all come from different places and we form different biases. These beliefs, these biases, leak into our decisions and fuel our fears.

Your ideal life has to be aligned with your values. Not somewhat aligned, but fully aligned. Achieving your ideal life requires tradeoffs and priorities…some things matter more than other things. Is the way you make choices, the way you spend money, moving you closer to your ideal life?

So, what’s possible in your life? What’s your ideal life? Life is truly …more than numbers. Ready for a real conversation?

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