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Is Your Advisor Just a Returns Manager?

Is your “financial advisor” really just an investment returns manager? For most affluent individuals, I suspect the truthful answer would be in the affirmative. Their advisor is just someone who sells or manages investments. Fewer than 25% of “advisors” are Certified Financial Planners™. This is some indication that most investors are relying on short-term guessing versus longer-term wisdom.

Providing Value through Intangibles

In our three decades of working with successful individuals, we have noticed that investment structure (asset category diversification, cost, etc.) is very important, but the real lasting value we bring to clients is through intangibles. Recently, we have been discussing some of these intangibles in client meetings. At the top of the intangible list is the value of honest, unconflicted advice. It is difficult to overstate how important that is and yet, most investors do not avail themselves of this type of advice.

A Genuine Financial Planning Experience

Comprehensive financial planning provides context for investment advice and helps assure that there is a match between resources and long-term goals. Advisors who focus entirely on investments, primarily determine “success” from how the investments are performing without concern for all the other components of financial life.

Investors are confronted with far more information than can possibly be absorbed. Independent, un-conflicted advice helps filter through the information that is useful and that which is not. Ready for a real conversation? Ready to make a change?

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