Over the past decade or so, we have noticed that new clients come to us much later in life than was previously the norm. This is a trend throughout the financial planning profession. Individuals that come here in their late 60’s or even 70’s likely are dealing with wealth probabilities instead of wealth possibilities. Starting last fall, we began working on a new concept to help reverse this trend aimed at educating those still in their peak human capital years (generally late 40’s-60). We stress the importance of planning during this critical stage so that wealth possibilities can become reality.

Earlier this month, www.fiftywealth.com was launched as an educational service of J.E. Wilson Advisors, LLC. The site contains resources to primarily assist those in the “Run-Up” phase of their financial lives. Fifty Wealth™ contains a couple of white papers titled “Know Your Financial Planning Best Before Date” and “Solutions to the Top 10 Investing Mistakes.” Additionally, we have recorded several podcasts that discuss some of those concepts. We also introduce The Financial Life Timeline (below) which depicts the flow from one stage into the next throughout your financial life.

Fifty Wealth™ aligns closely with our primary roles to educate; motivate; and encourage. Our mission is to help make clients’ lives better and we think Fifty Wealth™ contributes towards that cause. Please take a look at www.fiftywealth.com and let us know what you think. Ready for a real conversation?

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