Even a cursory look at advertisements and marketing slogans for financial services firms leads one to believe that gimmicks, tricks, and tactics are key to financial success. Is all of the “twirling around in circles” really of tantamount importance? The short answer is no. Many complex tactics actually decrease your propensity for achieving wealth wellness. The opaqueness of complicated investments and financial concepts is a central cause to the multi-generational financial planning problems confronting many families today.

“Magic Pills”

Some complex investment and financial strategies seek to replace or short circuit fundamental financial building blocks with fallacies and mis-information. These gimmicks are the financial planning equivalent of “magic pills” for medical maladies. Usually, the reason the pills are desired is because the basic foundational medical issues have long been ignored. Some people like complex gimmicks because these often cover up more serious financial problems that they don’t really want to address. The problem being addressed by the gimmick is usually not the true underlying problem.

I remember seeing a sign at a dental office many years ago saying, “you don’t have to floss all your teeth, only the teeth you want to keep”. That is a fairly easy to understand statement about a fundamental precept of oral health. People either get it, or they don’t.

Striving for Something

Financial planning is about striving for something that is difficult to achieve. Striving means to make great effort, to labor. In our modern world, these are words and concepts that many shun. The result is that “financial gurus” attract investors seeking a” quick fix” to their financial woes. What generally follows is a parade of products aimed at providing these solutions…all at a cost.

Gimmicks don’t help you make informed choices about your financial future. That’s our role, to help guide you along the often-rocky path towards wealth wellness. Ready for a real conversation?

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