We live in a noisy world. Today, we are overwhelmed with more information and choices than any previous generation. This can also apply to your finances — what we like to call “financial noise.” J.E. Wilson Advisors helps clients tune out this financial noise with clear goals and direction, so you are only focusing on what’s important to you.

“I enjoy guiding clients so the noise of the day doesn’t distract them from their path to financial security.” —James E. Wilson, founder and CFP®

You are never a number.

At J.E. Wilson Advisors, we know you by name. Our clients’ needs are always our highest priority and we take that very seriously. As a 100% fee-only firm, we are totally transparent with an unswaying commitment to the fiduciary standard. We are always advocating for our clients, and they can feel and see this through every interaction we have with them.

The J.E. Wilson Advisors difference includes our proven process of planning, guidance and management, which we have perfected over more than three decades.

1. Planning: Long-Term Purpose vs Short-Term Pain

What’s it costing you not to have a clear financial path? Are you enjoying life or are you stressed because you’re not sure of the future?

Our sole purpose is to give you the right tools so you can truly enjoy your retirement. Unlike brokers or insurance salespeople, we focus on long-term purpose, not short-term pain. This helps you avoid eating the word soup. If you’ve found yourself in the word soup cycle, we can help you break the cycle and set a rational path that will allow you to achieve your ideal life.

2. Guidance: Financial Planning and Behavioral Coaching

We believe in improving financial decisions by decreasing emotional reactivity.

We start with understanding you. Your purpose and priorities provide the framework for investing. We believe financial planning is a continuous process and the need for behavioral guidance is ongoing.

Behavioral guidance is a critical component within our portfolio management process. The dominant determinant of long-term financial success is behavior: what you do, the choices you make and the tradeoffs you accept. We provide clients with “unbridled honesty” and “no judgement” advice to help avoid missteps that can threaten long-term goals. (Learn how to reverse your risk here.)

We will guide you through steps to overcome behavioral pitfalls and set you up for success. As we move forward, we offer continuous support in this area so you are moving from strength to strength.

3. Management: Balancing Your Goals and Fears

Investing should be personal and purposeful, and this is how we’ve worked with successful individuals for more than 30 years. While our core investment philosophy is applied to all clients, each client is different. Our investing framework is built around two primary components: what you want to happen financially (goals) and what you don’t want to happen (fears).

  • Goals: Your priorities and desired outcomes determine the path we map out for you.
  • Fears: As we manage your investment portfolio, we will continue to provide you with original and reliable information so you can make smart possible.

Ready to find financial peace in a world of noise? Let’s talk.

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