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Fast Forward

We are all acquainted with how the fast forward button on a TV remote works when we are watching a movie. If we have seen the movie before, we can fast forward through slow parts or scenes we know don’t have much to do with the outcome. In other words, we can choose to ignore the “noise” and concentrate instead on what really matters. What if you could fast forward through your financial life and look ahead 10 years? 20 years? Would your movie be a drama, a tragedy or a comedy?

Well, we have designed a tool, The Personal Wealth Benchmark ™ just for this purpose. The inputs for The Personal Wealth Benchmark ™ are where you are today; how much you are saving/investing; your time frame; your investment allocations; and your behavior. With those five variables, we can essentially fast forward to see what the future of your financial life movie might look like.

In many ways, what you do today determines where you will be tomorrow. That doesn’t mean that your future can’t be changed. The first, and most important step is to break the cycle of “doing nothing” or inertia by taking affirmative action towards your long term goals. We hope that you enjoy the video below “Fast Forward the Movie”. Financial life is …more than numbers. Ready for a real conversation?

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