Don’t forget the plot! All of us have different reasons for investing. In difficult times it helps to remember the plot, the purpose.

Remember, a portfolio isn’t a plan. Successful investing requires a purpose. In these extremely uncommon times it’s easy to focus on the movement instead of the plot. Usually, in literature, the plot stays roughly constant while everything around it changes.

The most valuable element of financial planning is adjusting and re-assessing along the way. Financial planning isn’t based on certainty because uncertainty is the reality. In essence, we are guiding clients through an ever-changing landscape.

A Bumpy Ride

Without question, the pace of change has increased dramatically over the past few weeks. In the stock market just during March there were 6 trading days where the market rose by more than 4% and 6 days where market values declined by more than 4%. A very bumpy ride indeed!

The best way to be a successful investor is first, to disentangle emotions from your investment decisions and second, to remember your plot, your reason for investing.

Markets aren’t built for days, they are built for years.

We are here if you want to talk. Please stay well.

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