Remember the movie about 20 years ago starring Michael J. Fox titled “Doc Hollywood”? Fox played a confident young doctor (Dr. Benjamin Stone) driving to L.A. to complete his training. Car trouble ensues and he is “stuck” in a small southern town where he ends up helping out at a hospital. One of the scenes involves Dr. Stone interacting with a man who thinks he may be having a heart attack. Stone is about ready to take the guy to surgery when the elderly town doctor – Dr. Hogue – happens by and pops open a soda and tells the man to drink that, and he will be fine. Apparently indigestion was the primary issue. Dr. Hogue was practicing Occam’s razor – the principle that often the simplest option is the best.

In our financial lives, complexity abounds. Literally thousands of different products, concepts, techniques and strategies clog up the system. Our ability to separate out what is important from what is not, suffers. Simplicity and clarity are keys to a successful financial life.

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