The past week in much of South Carolina has been horrific, humbling, and uplifting all in one. Friends, neighbors, and clients have suffered unimaginable loss. We are blessed to be safe and secure. The people of this state are rallying together and we have no doubt that all of us will be stronger as a result. With God’s grace we will re-build and renew.

 Like many, I enjoy seeing pictures and posts in social media of my friends kids and grandkids (ok, some get a little carried away!) They are always smiling, laughing, and full of promise. The world in front of them is one of almost endless possibilities. This is where lives begin. So, what happens along the way to make us “settle” for something less?

Each decision, every choice that we make (or that our parents make for us in the early years), points us in a particular direction. We go to this school, instead of that school; we play this sport, instead of that sport; we date this person, instead of that person. All of these little decisions form a frame around our life picture …for better, or sometimes, for worse. Our decisions, not our conditions determine our future.

I recall many years ago talking with a client who happened to be a physician. He related to me how he ended up in his particular speciality. I mentioned, as an aside, that I had worked in a hospital ER part-time while in college and decided that medicine was not the path I wanted to follow. He replied that had he done what I did, he too would have made a different choice, but now, 25 years removed, it was too late. Some choices are changeable, while others are not.

Financial life is no different. Some decisions that you make foreclose others. One of our roles is to ask clients to consider all of the possibilities, not just the probabilities. We want to reorient the focus on the bigger picture. Limiting yourself to just probabilities can be de-motivating. Instead, avail yourself of the broader realm of possibilities. This often requires a different mindset.

Some choices put you on the track towards financial wellness; other choices move you towards financial illness. Are you on the right track? Financial life possibilities are about…more than numbers. Ready for a real conversation?

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