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Do You Know What You Have and Where It Is?

Author and organization coach David Allen says “Your brain is for creating ideas, not storing them.” While that rings true, many of us fall prey to trying to keep up with details of our finances mostly in our head. If everything is neatly pulled together in one or two places, that might work. But most individuals have widely dispersed lives that can’t really be easily managed that way.

A few years back, we met with a new client from out of town. He brought all of his various financial account statements to the meeting. There were so many statements, we literally laid them out end to end on the conference room table. All told, there were 36 different accounts. Each account was created for a reason but in many cases, that reason had long since gone away. One of the stated goals of this client was to consolidate and simplify. The client was being pushed and pulled in multiple directions without any purpose or plan. This made it difficult for him to focus and make good choices. Over time, we were able to reduce the number of accounts to nine, still more than desirable but at least all held at one institution. Our client no longer had to occupy valuable brain space trying to recall details of all his accounts.

The path towards financial independence starts with knowing what you have and where it is. We have the capability to organize outside financial accounts through Blueleaf so that all of your financial accounts are visible in one place. Please let us know if you want to aggregate any of your accounts onto the Blueleaf portal.

New Dimensional Website

Understanding a bit more about what you are doing with your financial resources (and why), seems a logical extension of knowing what you have and where it is. Towards that end, I highly recommend checking out the recently revamped website for Dimensional.  The bottom of the Home Page asks two poignant questions. First, “How Do Dimensional’s results compare to the industry?”

82% of the selected Dimensional Funds outperformed their benchmarks over the past 15 years (ending 2015) versus 15% of the overall funds in the industry. The second question is “ Do you have an investment approach you can stay with during turbulent markets?”. During the 2008-2012 timeframe, equity mutual funds overall witnessed net outflows of over $535 Billion. During the same timeframe, Dimensional had positive inflows of over $34 billion. There are plenty of other tidbits on the new site that are worthy of a look. This will help anchor your appreciation for and belief in the investment approach that we follow.

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