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Cure the Disease or Treat the Symptoms? – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed the ingredients needed to “cure the disease” – the malady of not having enough financial resources to maintain your lifestyle (including living cost increases) throughout retirement. With time, savings, and discipline, it is often possible to get back on track. Sometimes, however, there isn’t enough time and the gap is too large to truly pursue a cure. In these instances, we  need to treat the symptoms.

Recent research suggests two startling facts that provide instant context for this discussion: 97% of baby boomers aren’t saving enough for retirement. And 55% are spending more than they make on an annual basis. These are symptoms of the disease we want to treat. It is a big challenge, but there are steps you can take to reclaim the path towards financial independence. It can be done.

Take it Step-by-Step

The first step is to develop a very clear focus on a future goal, a specific “something.” Once you have clarity, you can then proceed to build (or rebuild) a habit of saving from today’s income towards that goal. In the early stages, it is not important that the savings be “enough,” but simply that the saving/investing habit is created. Many years ago, we had a client with a seven figure per year income. We started him out saving a few hundred dollars each month. Sure, that was not “enough,” but it was a way to begin treating the symptom.

Assuming the gap between resources available versus resources needed is large, the next step is to prioritize and make choices. Can you retire later? Can expenses be “downsized”? Simple choices such as delaying Social Security (benefits increase about 8% for each year between age 62 and 70) can have a huge impact over the long term.

Look Forward

Treating the disease means accepting responsibility for your financial life. Past financial mistakes tend to create present financial problems and many times limit your choices. You can’t undo previous mistakes. To treat the symptoms, you need to look forward instead of backward.

Is it time for you to reclaim the path towards financial independence? Ready for a real conversation?

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