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Communicating is Different from Doing

As we approach the end of another year, many of us make plans and set goals for the year ahead. This is good as long as we understand there is a large gulf between communicating about something and actually doing something.

Not long ago, Katie, Raven, and I recorded very brief video business cards for use in our e-mail and on our website In my 21-second clip, I say that one of our primary aims is to help clients “act, to do something in their interest.” Unless and until action takes place, nothing changes.

Perhaps it is the anxiety of the post 2008 era, or even the overload of ideas that bombard us every day, but many of us are paralyzed into a state of “non-action.” Talking about something is different from doing. What we need to realize is even “not doing” is in itself a decision, and life goes on.

What is one thing you could do in 2014 that would make a difference in your financial life? Ready for a real conversation?

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