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Assets and Aspirations

Our brokerage account custodian, T.D. Ameritrade, has an excellent slogan for their advisor industry advertisements: You manage more than assets, you manage aspirations. That aligns well with our philosophy.

We have always resisted being called “investment managers” because investments are but a tool to accomplish goals or aspirations. Everyone has distinct and unique goals.

Aspirations – The Benefits and Risks

Aspirations help provide focus and motivation, but they also tend to be fluffy and sometimes unrealistic. In our advisory process, we provide context to these aspirations and create a framework for prioritizing. By honestly assessing what is reasonable and what is not, we often help clients avoid sizeable mistakes later in life.

Aspirations point us towards what we want. That is very important as much of what we see is investors focusing on what they don’t want, things they don’t want to happen.

Dealing with What We Can Control

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of our advice to clients saving for retirement is that the only thing we can control is how much we save. The precise outcome of this saving is not within our control. We have a broad and long swath of history that provides a guide of what range of results might occur but that may not be exactly what we experience. We can’t change investment performance, we can only change ourselves…what we save, what we spend.

What we do is importantly different from other advisors. Ultimately, we are in the truth business; we provide our clients 100% honesty and 100% transparency. Our philosophy uses the power of the markets instead of trying to predict the markets. We understand that accomplishing goals is not dependent as much on investment performance as it is our own actions, our own discipline. We wholeheartedly believe that very few investors can maintain the long-term perspective needed without a real advisor like us to stand by their side. That is our value – that is what we do. Ready for a real conversation?

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