Are you ready for what’s next? The daily news for the past few months has ranged from bad to terrible. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. Most of these will return to work soon but some won’t because the business they were working for has closed for good.

Without question, none of us have ever experienced what we are going through now. Yet, there are many examples from history that provide some clues for the way ahead.

First, consider the timely words of microbiologist Louis Pasteur, “Chance only favors the mind which is prepared.”

Of course, we can’t fully prepare for everything that might impact our physical and financial life but we can have a decision-making framework in place for the inevitable bumpy roads along the way.

If we can avoid emotionally charged decisions and instead root our choices according to our Why, we will indeed be ready, we will be prepared.

The chart below depicts the importance of tracing all of your decisions back to your Why: What are you trying to accomplish; Who are you trying to protect?

Why Chart

The last step in the process is adjusting and reassessing your planning actions based on new reality. Within our current environment this might be the best way to be ready for what comes next. We are here if you want to talk. Stay safe!

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