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Are You an Investor for Life?

Financial planning is, at its core, a rationale for making decisions that serve your best interests. In a topsy-turvy world, that should provide comfort. Individuals who are successful financially think of investing alongside their lifetime financial plan. Conversely, those who fail to follow their plan often struggle to achieve financial goals. Financial success doesn’t come from chance, luck, or coincidence but rather, from following a deliberate and coordinated plan.

The Most Reliable Path for Investing

I cringe when I see newsletters and blogs titled, “Our Current Outlook” or something similar. The implication is that somehow these predictions outweigh the need for financial planning. We don’t believe that, and instead place emphasis on actually creating a practical and holistic plan. We know from experience that is the most reliable path. The reason some advisors try to forecast the future is usually an effort to placate client fears about the short-term. That usually can be classified as advice that sounds good, instead of advice that actually is good.

Volatility – A Loud Noise

Most investors don’t talk about it much, but their fears are often the underlying reason for reacting (to current market conditions) instead of acting (on their established financial plan). Some fear they won’t be able to recover from a temporary market decline that comes around on a semi-regular basis. Others fear the world is different now, and surely being out of the market is a safer place. This fear has actually fueled one of the latest (and likely most damaging) trends in financial markets, namely alternative investments. Investors who can’t withstand the volatility of the stock market have traded this for the real risk in alternatives. Volatility is like a loud noise; it eventually stops and quiets returns. Risk means you can lose some or all of your invested capital permanently.

Our approach is to help clients tune out useless financial information, irrelevant noise and sales pitches. This helps clear the way for being able to consider your investing lifetime. Ready for a real conversation?

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