Behavioral coaching is among the most valuable aspects of our work with clients. We believe that financial planning is primarily about action and that the best advice in the world is of no real value unless it is acted upon. We engage clients in discussions about behavioral biases and work to change financial behavior where needed.

One of my LinkedIn connections has a sign on his desk that reads “Don’t be afraid of change. Be afraid of not changing”. That simple statement encompasses the mindset that is needed to affect positive change in your financial life. As often as not, the change needed may be stopping a current behavior versus starting a new one.

The difference between making real progress , or not making progress, is often the result of a small change. Our minds see and hear things that impact our thinking. We actually think at about twice the rate we hear. That is, our brains are filling in the gaps with either good or not so good ideas that nudge us in one direction or another. It is very difficult to maintain the discipline and behavior needed to accomplish long term objectives all on your own.

Most individuals need to change something in order to take action steps towards long term goals. Inaction, inattention and inertia can be very powerful forces. These are all barriers to progress. Ready to make some changes? Ready for a real conversation?

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