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A Voice, not an Echo

In our 24-hour news connectivity, it is easy to “self select” what we actually see and hear. For many, this resembles an “echo chamber” where the words and phrases match our current narrative. This becomes self-reinforcing in short order. We hear the words we want to hear; we see the images we want to see.

As an un-conflicted financial advisor, our role is to be a voice, rather than an echo. To be provocative when needed – to challenge common thinking. Is the market valued too high, or is it set to take-off to the stratosphere? What will happen when the Fed tapers? These are the discussions that dominate the instant media, yet for most investors have little real importance.

One of the reasons we write these pieces is to provide something that counters the supercharged media that keeps investors in a constant “reaction mode,” jaunting from one idea to the next. At the core of this is an emotional response, a desire for certainty (even if at the intellectual level we understand that it does not exist).

The Search for Certitude

Perhaps a local example may help with this point. Columbia, South Carolina native, Harry Dent, is a very successful writer of investing books aimed at those who seek this certitude. Depending on the year, he has written about everything from Dow 3300 (his current prediction) to Dow 35,000 (from the late 1990s.) As this article details, his predictions (and his mutual fund management) have not been successful. Never the mind, people want the exactness, the “knowledge.” In many respects, he is the poster child for the “echo” that I am describing. Dangerous, extremely dangerous.

There is a difference, a substantial difference, between good advice and advice that just sounds good. We provide independence and candor in a world where that is increasingly scarce. What problem are you trying to solve? Ready for a real conversation?

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