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Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.

– Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

Numbers are one thing….life is another. We believe the dominant determinant of long-term financial success is behavior. What you do, choices you make, trade-offs you make. We provide clients with “unbridled honesty” and “no judgement” advice to help avoid missteps that can threaten long-term goals.

Improving Financial Decisions by Decreasing Emotional Reactivity

Win the Financial Life Battle By…

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Investing should be both personal and purposeful. While our core investment philosophy is applied to all client accounts, each client is different. Our investing framework is built around two primary components: what you want to happen financially (goals); and what you don’t want to happen (fears).

Decades of scientific research and almost a century of detailed investment outcomes provide clear market evidence. Market prices are determined by millions of market participants each day and research demonstrates the futility of trying to outguess or time the market. Investors who follow the guidelines of this scientific evidence improve their odds of success.

Behavioral coaching is also a critical component within our portfolio management program. A well-designed investment plan is of limited value if you can’t “stay in your seat.” Through consistent communication, we help clients filter out meaningless market noise in order to improve long-term results.

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