What’s on Your Refrigerator Door?

The refrigerator door occupies an important place in your life. In many ways, it portrays, front and center, what you value most. Of course, the main utilitarian function of the refrigerator door is to keep food cold but the rectangular space is also a place where we decide priorities…what stays and what goes.

What’s on your refrigerator door? Pictures of family? Invitations to social events? Reminders? Sure, all of these are typical and all of these occupy a place of relevance to us. So, what does this have to do with financial advice? Quite a lot really. We see clients as whole people with families, friends and social circles…not just numbers. As you may have heard us say before, “life is about more than numbers.”

Your Values, Interests and Priorities

The interesting aspect of the refrigerator door from our purview as financial life advisors is that the finite space forces you to make choices. There is a dynamic quality as well since your interests and concerns change over time. This is why we take time to listen to clients and try to prepare for changes to goals and timelines in the future.

As much as things change, however, some items are constant. My refrigerator door in the picture above is a good example. Certain aspects of this are permanent. We have magnets with the names of our children and very old photos of each under these magnets. We have a picture of the family cat, Victor, the current occupant in the line of grey and white tabby cats ever present in our home. Of course, pictures of places we have visited or are planning to visit (a map of Bordeaux) as well as invitations and thank you cards. Even a couple Holy Cards marking the ordination dates for some priest friends.  Taken all together, it marks some values, interests and priorities.

So, what are your priorities? Are there changes that need to be made to align your resources with your priorities? Ready for a real conversation?

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