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What I Am Working On Now…

Our focus for 2018 is to improve how we communicate our philosophy. We want to explain our philosophy and tell our story in a way that is understandable so that it is easy to spread. Of course, we communicate through a wide array of channels including:

We recently completed the filming of another off-site video, this time at a local dentist’s office! Click here to watch it. Hopefully, it will surpass our “Tastes Great Less Filling” video, which now has more than 1800 views.

We have a couple new folks that have joined us in the past few months. Our new Financial Planning Assistant is Erin Reppy. Also, Marcia Tipton is our first Social Media Assistant. Both Erin and Marcia are helping us spread our story and are welcome additions to the firm. Click here to read more about them.

What I Am Excited About…

Some of you have already seen our new sculpture that has a prominent place in the conference room. This is adepiction of Noah’s Ark resting atop the peaks of Mt. Ararat (from the Book of Genesis reference) in historic Armenia. It is a replica of a larger original piece created by Armenian metal artist Michael Aram that was given to Pope Francis when he visited Armenia in 2016.

This version was a wonderful Christmas gift from my wife (of Armenian heritage) and kids that I am happy to share with our clients when they come in for meetings. We sometimes talk with clients and prospective clients about how holistic financial planning and behavioral guidance can be be “life saving,” at least from the financial perspective. A lot of symbolism here that is applicable to our work.

What I Am Reading…

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholzthe author is a science journalist and breaks down the biases and underlying problems with our current nutritional guidelines. An eye opener!

Deep Work by Cal Newport– Professor Newport from Georgetown also authored one of my favorite short books and standard graduation gift titled So Good They Can’t Ignore You. In this book, he deals with the technological issues driving a wedge between shallow work and more meaningful deep work.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topal M.D.As an economics guy, the title here drew me in. Creative destruction refers to a concept popularized by economist Joseph Schumpeter in in 1950’s. In this book, Dr. Topal describes the way technology is reshaping and challenging how medical services are delivered.

What I Am Inspired By…

“Don’t give people answers, give them thinking tools.” – Dan Sullivan (The Strategic Coach)