From the Inside Out

Most of us appreciate, even if we don’t fully understand, that a medicine or vitamin that we ingest internally can aid us externally. The same holds true with our financial lives. Because of our internal wiring, and sometimes deeply flawed beliefs, trying to solve financial issues solely with external strategies is often unsuccessful. Despite this, almost all of the major financial/investment firm messages center around external “solutions.”

Our beliefs about money and our experiences with money, both good and bad, create a framework. The negative experiences, in fact, tend to matter far more within our framework than we imagine. Our new tagline …more than numbers is aimed specifically at this central core impediment. Life issues far outweigh money issues and we can’t ignore one without impacting the other. Complicated strategies and fancy investments won’t help. If our internal mechanism is conflicted, the external will surely follow.

Money is meant to be a servant rather than a master, but the opposite is true for some individuals that come here. We ask about experiences, fears and vision while these folks are only interested in optimizing risk and maximizing return from investments. Sure, capturing market returns are important but leading with that is what creates chronic financial problems and a misguided notion of what matters most. The optimizing/maximizing mindset also makes it difficult to accept tradeoffs, perhaps the single most important aspect in achieving financial freedom.

Is there something you need less of today in order to have more of something else in the future? Understanding this comes from the inside. Because, solving financial life issues…is more than numbers. Ready for a real conversation?

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