Financial Life Coaching for High Achievers

The Masters Tournament just finished and it always amazes me to see the golfers on the practice greens huddled with their coaches. One might think these golfers would already know it all and wouldn’t need coaching. However, almost all of the players have a coach who helps them objectively look at each aspect of their game so that they can improve. That is exactly how we function with clients in the financial realm. We stand beside them and provide guidance and counsel to help make their financial life better.

Is it possible to excel at golf without a coach? Sure, Bubba Watson is a current example, but these exceptions are fairly rare. Can you achieve long-term financial goals without a fiduciary advisor? Some people certainly can, but most cannot. Often, the difference between accomplishing financial goals or not comes down to behavior and that is very difficult to regulate without some independent coaching.

The brief video below by Weston Wellington of Dimensional outlines the reasons for seeking fiduciary advice.


One of the reasons that successful individuals encounter difficulty focusing their financial resources towards their goals is what psychologists call “positive illusions.” These are forms of self-deception that in some respects allow us to operate in conditions of uncertainty. It is not uncommon for us to see “The illusion of control” with many individuals as well. This is where you have an exaggerated sense of your control over random circumstances (like the stock market).

With over three decades experience working with successful individuals, we know first hand the range of difficulties you are likely facing. Smart people often do some very stupid things with their money. We provide objective planning and coaching that can help avoid the big mistakes. Ready for a real conversation?


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