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Financial Freedom

Financial freedom can portend many different things. Most people, when asked for a definition will reel off a laundry list of items that they don’t like; freedom often means freedom from something. Perhaps it’s freedom from a bad job; freedom from an activity you don’t like; even freedom from a bad relationship. All of these contain a negative core.

How powerful would it be if you reframed this as freedom towards something? Maybe freedom means moving towards a future that corresponds to your ideal…towards a custom designed future. This concept of freedom has a positive core.

Clinging to half-truths (or outright untruths), can be a major stumbling blocks to achieving financial freedom. The sketch below tells a powerful tale. Oftentimes, investors are drawn towards “comforting lies” foisted upon them by the traditional financial services system, instead of dealing with “unpleasant truths.”

One of our primary roles is to communicate concepts so that clients can make good choices. The sketch does a good job of isolating the difference between truth and lies. The brokers want you to believe that they have some sort of magic…they don’t. They confuse and complicate so that they can sell products.

You can achieve financial freedom by embracing the truth about markets; the truth about your behavior; the truth about your priorities. Real financial freedom is based on wealth possibilities. Ready for a real conversation?

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