Choose Science Over Speculation

Most investors confuse investing with speculating. Financial science tells us that speculation or guessing is likely to be unsuccessful. We help clients translate market science into a practical investing approach to take advantage of what the markets freely provide. The central tenant of our philosophy is to understand (through science,) the drivers of investment returns and then position client portfolios around those drivers.

For well over 15 years, we have been utilizing institutional funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) because of their emphasis on financial science. Dimensional has proven to be a firm of high integrity and they provide our clients access to well structured funds along the dimensions of risk needed to achieve long term financial goals. Equally important, DFA funds allow us to manage investment risks more efficiently and often provide a way to obtain market returns with lower levels of equity exposure in portfolios.

Since Dimensional has no retail presence, it is not well known among many investors although it now is the seventh largest fund company by asset size. The firm, however,  is well known among advisors and enjoys an excellent reputation. The chart below reflects some of the surveys of advisors ranking DFA as the #1 fund choice.

The way that Dimensional Funds approaches investing is different than most others and the results are better. This allows us to help clients win at investing by embracing what markets freely provide. Ready for a real conversation?

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